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stuck cv joint

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hey guys, i'm finishing up my ze swap and im having problems installing my driverside axle. its about half on the intermediate shaft and half in the hub, it seems as it wont go in any further and it wont come out. does anyone have any tips or should i just beat it out? Thanks for your help

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I've replaced this on mine. It takes a good amount of force to get it out. And good luck getting it in. You need to slam it real good. It's not hurting anything though, so don't worry. I can't remember exactly what but I think it was some sort of bearing that it had to push past and that's why it takes force.... GOOD LUCK!
On the new axle I bought, the c-clip was spread too big and would not go in. By the time I figured that out, I had "banged" on it a few times and it actually mushroomed the splines a bit. Solution - filed down the damaged splines (didn't take much) and used the c-clip off the old axle. Went right in.
If the space on the circlip is facing up, it's supposed to slide in easier. Also, put some grease on the splines to help it slide in.
yeah it takes a LOT of hammering to get it out and in
thanks guys a finally got it with some hammering and grease
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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