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success.......vibration is gone !

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I have been dealing with a vibration from the left wheel area for a long, long time. It was a mild vibration that would
start around 60 mph, continue up to 80 mph and beyond. I tried many different ideas to try and lessen or eliminate it, some things helped, but it persisted.

Last week I put in a new rotor and.....Poof, it was gone ! Took it up to 95 mph and no hint of vibration. So it must have been an out of balance rotor all the time. The rotor was not that old and not worn.

Car is super smooth running now. Some day I will work on the fuel tank issues again.
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Yeah, I wonder sometimes if rotors aren't straight from the factory....
Looking good! Just need some glamour shots of the whole car now... ;)
Just had a birthday May 24, 29 years old now

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You said it! Have been admiring my gold '94 MX6 newly back in her parking spot after some time getting some love from the mechanic. Realized in September it will be 30 years since the day I drove her home from the dealer's lot!!! I feel sorry for other drivers - they have no idea what they're missing!
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