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Anyway i just bought a bright red mx6 and i am looking to hook it up...any one got any helpful do's and dont's i am on line alot and if you see me driving by honk and say whats up. Red MX6 with a quarter size hole in the hood driven by a tall skinny white guy...don't forget to say wus up. Later

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watcdog4 said:
any one got any helpful do's and dont's

DO hook it up with nice mods, performance parts, rims, and some killer ICE and visual mods...

DON'T rice it out with ridiculous graphics, Walmart mods, or any Fast and Furious logo parts..

DO keep it clean and take care of it and always feel free to hit me up with questions

DON'T abuse it, beat on it or wreck it.. those of us without cars at all will all come to your house and kick your ass..

:D Score on the new car man... :D
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