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I rebuilt my 93 KL-03 and now gettin a three angle valve job. I am putting a msd 6a ignition w/ blaster coil and bored throttle body. Next I am gonna get a tkt supercharger. The engine will handle a supercharger and maintain a daily reliable driver with some balls-exactly what I want. I want to know if anybody got the supercharger kit if you need to change injectors, computer, etc. Does the kit really come complete with everything? Were you satisfied with the power? Thanks for the time to read this nay info appreciated

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I don't know about the supercharger, but i have the turbo kit and although it did come with just about everything, there are a few things I would have liked ( for instance it only came with boost and fuel air ratio gauges, no tach etc ) no oil relocation kit, no new hoses, for what i paid well it was disapointing. But all the basics are their.
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