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surging badly

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just noticed when going slow in a high gear, under power my mx6 is surging like bunyhopping qiute bad think its just started doing it today, it has had a slight cough now and again,
did not do this before i changed o2s might that be the case as had a bit of trouble with the new ones, did not tick over very well with them in
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Reset the ECU.. (disconnect battery, press brake pedal 10 secs)

go for a drive... see if that is any better..
check condition of plugs, leads, rotor arm and dizzy cap.

ok cool will do, plugs and leads are not that old,its not like a misfire its like mixture off
tried all that, its getting worse running like poo, feels like it wants to stall, if i accelerate heavy its fine its if i wanna go at a constant speed

the plugs were loose checked them and they are aridiums if thats the spelling would that matter, they looked alright
ive done everything posible, would dizzy giving up cause this, changed plugs, leads o2's, dizzy cap, vaf. reset ecu, no codes showing
ok problem solved, go out and thrash the thing and majic its fixed, some how:confused:
Well, there ya go... glad it's sorted..

could have been a bit of crud in the pipes, and a good blat has cleared it..

Keep your eye on it, if it happens again, clean the fuel lines and filters..

In the meantime, use a good amount of injector cleaner in the tank..

yep thought i might do injector cleaner, fingers crossed its gonna stay good
its been great for a week just strated doing it worse today, ive put a whole bottle of injector cleaner in and gave it a good run giving it stick, took a long time to clear, just hope its gonna work this time, what else could it be, i just bought brand new o2's thinking i might have put duff ones in but its not
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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