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I have a 93/2.5 V6 model which I lowered about 2 years ago. At the time the shocks were fine so I left them as they were, no problem here. Of recent though I have noticed that what was a hard but bearable ride has become annoying as the car seems to reflect every little hole in the road by transmitting that bump back into the car and thus now the ride is bumpy. On flat and smooth roads the ride is out of this world but it is just those town roads that have become much more noticable.

Is this an experience that anyone can share some wisdom on?

I am about to consider replacing the shocks with a set that match the springs, is there anything else that I ought to consider at the same time?

Are there any tricks to a lowered MX6 on low profle tyres. At present my springs have dropped the ride by 40mm and my wheel size is 8" x 17" on 2225/40/17. No other suspension mods.

TIA.. Erskine

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Come on guys.

I'm just about to fit Eibach springs and need to know if this will be a problem for me in the future or should I get some new struts now before I change them.

They will only lower the car by 30mm.


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