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i have a 1991 mx6 2.2 L non turbo engine have 138 000 miles and is also leaking oil.i am ready to do something but don't know what's the best thing to do.i was thinking to rebuilt the engine with better cam and all that good staff or buy a turbo engine.
i need all the experience and guidance u guys.
if there was a swap,what is the best swap?
if i want to rebuilt,how can i gain more hp?where to get the part?
what do i need?

thank for the help?

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the best swap is to an fe3 and then a turbo on the fe3. but your milage is pretty low for the f2.

what iam doing is a rebuild on a gt engine with forged lx internals from redline and adding a turbo. the cost of the turbo and rebuild cost me $600 for fifty bolt on hp ballpark. but the engine rebuild iam putting in about 3000 .

but all in all you need to ask your self how far are you willing to go with this car.
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