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Well I have been sitting on this for awhile so I figure I will share it with everyone.

This is what you need

One night while driving through a mazda dealership I noticed something sticking out of the door of a Mazda Mpv. The first thing that went through my mind was "switchblade key" the second thing was "thats mine". So I casually walk up to the sporty new Mpv and check it out. I quickly pull the key from the door and run away!!! I hit the lock button while pulling away, I figure I helped the mazda dealership out by making sure no one would steal their car. As for the key I planned to keep it for awhile and play with it cause I'm a nerd. Then later that night, Brain Storm, what if I could make my key work for this! Holy crap.

Step 1: Take you newly aquired switchblade key and open and close it, notice that when its not quite fully open you can see a little pin holding the key in base. Now use a little screwdriver or whatevers around to push that bugger out.

Step 2: Once you pull it out you will notice it is "keyed" so that it fits into the base so there is no slop or play.

Step 3: If you have a few keys find that one that you dont like as much as the others, the black sheep if you will. Now get out your dremel and cut it off as far back as you can go just before it starts flaring out. It should be about the same length as the aquired key.

Step 4: Now line up the keys right on top of each other and clamp them together or just hold them together. Grab your hand dandy dremel with the grinding/cut-off wheel, then start grindin off the extra material using the aquired key as the outline. It doesn't have to be perfect but pretty dang close. Then you will notice the hole in the aquired key where the pin goes through, I recommend using a drill bit with that is smaller than the aquired key's hole for a snug fit.

Step 5: Slide the freshly cut key into the base, if it doesn't fit there you need to cut off some more material. Now slide the pin into the hole if its hard to push through use a pair of pliers to press it in for that snug fit. You might have to redrill it with a bigger bit though. And your finished!

Now you can whip it out when your around some ladies and start playing with it. They will ether take it away to play with or ask if you drive a mercedes, at which point you will say yes wanna go for a ride(wink alot when you say this). Now for some more pin insertion. It also passes the time when your bored....

Anywho if any knows if its possible to program the keyless entry to work let me know, I suspect our older FOB's use a trace system. Also if you have questions feel free to pm me :)


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Bumpdate from the thrones of death...

what about keyless entry? Can you get that work if you have a factory remote? :)
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