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Sydney + ACT + Woolongong, + cruise to the gong.

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uploading pics..... other dudes upload your pictores her as well, be sure to block out number plates etc.

white on red.

someone got lost..

stopped for a chat.

meet at liverpool:

Maquarie pass mouth cam.

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nice dude, looks like fun.
Looks great.:tup:

That red car witht he white rims though looks like it could use a good 2" lowering;)

i like that one
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i like that one
I like that one to lol, it was a really fun drive and good to see some face behind the forum names.
This is the spot we stopped at on the way down and it isnt very often my car is the lowest in a group

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Nice work on the photos guys, I had my camera but for some reason did not actually take any pics.... which I should have.

Good to see everyone out and about.
Orright I can see myself. Yer probably refering to my wheels. Plan was to wash the car in the morning, but I was running late :).
I like that one to lol
shit i didnt even know that was your car haha.

but those extra 'p' lisence plates look silly. i know its the law but it they are silly looking
You get used to it. I should be off my P's last year, but lost my licence for a while so still have 1 more year to go.
Im stuck with the p plate for another year yet :( and turk good thing there isnt a pic of the back of your car them every one would be telling you to wash it :p. Here is a photo stitch of the view at woolongong look out and the second pic i took on the way home i had to stop to let the car cool down because i was flying up the range

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Hahah yer, well there is a pic but it doesnt look too bad. The black exhaust marks cover my plates up good in speed camera shots though :).
nice pics.. whos who in the foto of the group of u guys standing together?
Im the short one in the black shirt and sunny's on
Im on the left of Stoof with the collared shirt.
looks like a lot of fun
Thought there would of been a little more photos than that. :)

See there is a picture of Mt Kiera lookout, that bloody road in the wet coming down is deadly. :p
there would have been more pics, but we could not find a single area to get everyones cars next to eachothers.

Which is a bit weird, because this time last year we did get everyone next to eachother. I have those photos somewhere.
uploading pics..... other dudes upload your pictores her as well, be sure to block out number plates etc.
I cant see a single solitary picture from your post.

But red x's lol.
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