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TÜV approved coil overs???

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Yeah. I need to find Tüv approved coilovers. Even so that the tüv is for street use, not for race use. Stupid Finnish laws won't allow me to have those otherwise... :argh:

Dropzone is supposed to be tüv approved, but does anyone know which one is it? Street or race?

Any alternatives?


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I am pretty sure all Eibach's are TUV approved????
Hmm... Eibach doesn't have a coil over kit from themselves, right? What I know is Ground Control uses Eibach springs in their coil over kits... Hmm...

i think Weitec sells a set.
i got my springs and struts from them. no coilovers tho.
I wish the US would adopt TUV standards.
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