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T3 on a KL?........too big?

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the custom fab kit my friend is doing for me uses a T3 turbo, is that too big for the KL motor to spool, ive seen threads about the mitsu turbo's but those turbo's suck for top end, so would a T3 be a good balance for top end and low end?

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Mici said:
I'm using a straight T4. :shrug: It's all depending what you want. If you ask me, there is a lot less stress on engine with T4 than my previous, a lot smaller turbo, and the engine behaves better. It might lose some on traffic lights (if you are into racing lights, I'm not), but in the end, the small turbo didn't produce power above 5500 or so, where the big one really kicks at.

T3 is definately not too big.

definitely not too big.

on that note, im experimenting with a smaller t25, but the a/r is literally double what it is on a stock dsm's t25... im HOPING that will let it hold boost well into the rpms, to address the issue mici was having with his smaller turbo.

but we'll see.

if not, i upgrade. no biggie ;p
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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