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Tailight problems.

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Hey! I have a small problem with my taillights. The brake lights work, but when I turn my headlights on, the rear lights don't go on unless i touch the brake pedal. I checked my bulbs, they're all fine, checked the wiring, I'm getting current, checked all my fuses: they're all brand new...what could it be? :s

Also, my gauge lights dont go on either. Could they be related problems? All the "check engine" "Air Bag" lights ect. come on at start and turn off likie normal, but the gauges arent lit up...bulbs are still good.

Thanks to anyone who helps.
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do you know that your getting current, or just 12v at wherever your testing?

i honestly dont know how its wired, but see if it has voltage at the light (with just the switch on so the headlights are on and not the taillights) and work your way up.

when you turn it one click (parking lights) do the front parking lights come on? or are the tails and the parking lights out?
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^ When the car is running and the switch is set to off. Ther front lights(daytime lights) are on, but the tails are NEVER on. When I turn the switch to the "on" position, the Head lights go on(high beams and lows) but the rear lights stay off. I used a 12 volt tester at the rear plugs to see if current was getting there. It read nothing when I left the brake pedal alone, but when i touch the pedal, cureent apears...could it be a relay somewhere???
well first current and voltage are 2 completely different things.

if you had (sufficient) current flow the light would be lighting.

but like it said, i really dont know the brake curcuit at all on the car so i couldnt tell you what it is. i suppose a relay could be used for the brake lights. but idk if they use enough current for a relay to be needed.

So yeah, now I feel like a complete moron. I checked all the fuses INSIDE the car. I checked all the wiring. I checked all the realys under the hood. I check all the conections and bulbs to make sure they were good. Turns out, the [fizzle]ing problem was the FUSE under the hood. The ONE thing I didin't take a look at. And to answer my own question: Yes, it is also responsible for the lgihts in my gauge cluster.:sigh:
awesome ! glad u found it hehe. i was gonna say to check the tail fuse but i assumed it was ok :p same thing happened to me when i installed my jspecs, damn thing kept me up at night
OK, so here's a new problem, the fuse I replaced blew out again tonight when I set the high beams on. WTF??? short somewhere???
(assuming that when you turn on the hi beams, the fuse pops and you get no hi beam)

must mean you have a short somewhere.

could just have the hi beams wired wrong? seems like if the heads work then the wiring should be OK up to the headlight/hibeam harness. could just have some wires loose or something.
Ok, So I tested teh highbeams again...and it isn't that. I replaced the fuse again and I kept the gauge lights lower than on full blast, and flashed the high beams...fuse didn't go. After about 45 minutes of driving, without doing anything the fuse suddenly gave out. Is there some sort of "better" fuse out there...mabye it's just cuz im using cheap quality fuses.

BTW, thanks for all your help cf_z
i would imagine that fuses have to pass a requirment to be sold.. but then again who knows around here any more :shrug:

the interior lights are causing the problem too?
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I don't know if the dash/guage lights are actually causing a problem, but they are on that same circuit, everytime the fuse goes and my tails go out, the dash goes off too. The only thing that's still works is my flasher lights, CEL and Cruise Light...:S
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