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Taillight Molding

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I recently found these taillights posted here. .

They are made for a Mx-3. I e-mailed the company to find out if they would work on a Mx-6. They say "as far as we know they dont". I asked for some measurements and they said "Well it would be hard to measure since the lights have a curve. They are about 5.5" tall x 23" wide". Since the company is not helpful at all I decided to ask you guys how much body work would be involved in making them fit on a 93 LS.
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Hasn't been done yet. So fill us in on the project.:)
I am thinking very hard about doing this. Any idea how tough it would be to accomplish? I think I can handle it. If I cant do it, I can 100% gaurrantee my dad can. Heres his truck . He turned the entire grill upside down, fitted chevel mirrors, molded the rear bumper, made the grill, made the exhaust with a plasma cutter, hand made the entire air-bag setup, he can drop to the ground or have it stand taller than normal. Besides tons tons more that I cant even explain.
If you dont do it someone should. Those Tail light are sweet. I hate chrome altezza's!!!! DO it man and tell us the install process!! Also with any aftermarket tail lights you might want to take the cover off and re-caulk/ weatherstrip it so NO moisture gets in!!!
they also have a carbon fiber verson. I have been wondering about this for awhile now. Please let us know. I was wondering if the sides would stick out funny.
those tailights r sick, post how it ends up.
I wish I could get the measurements and maybe a layout of the lights before I bought them. $150 is alot to spend on something that might not even work once I see it.
Couldnt be any harder than the Supra light mod.
Wheres a link to this Supra mod tutorial? No one say Search, I dont want to.
Well you are going to NEED to search so you wont waste time by waiting so long. Do some leg work.
I just went and measured my lights. They are 23" long and only 5" high and the highest point. I dont think it would be to much work to do.
its already been done b4 ruby listed some pics b4 it was a red 6 with the carbon fiber lights on it. It looked very natural and was done very well
Ruby did a body molding with these same lights? I did a search and didnt find anything.
that was a paint shop i requested. I have a set of mx3 lights here right now,im gunna wait til my kit comes in til i do it
Clear Tail Lights Are Being Mfg. For 2gen (Supra Tail Lights)
These will be exact fit no cutting or molding of any kind (just like replacing with stock lights)
check it out.
Hey whats up guys. Im deffinately likin those proposal for the rear tail lights. Hopefully that materializes. As for mold on MX3 after market tails its will be alot harder then u think becuase the way that the lights are shaped you need the part the curves in in line with your part of the car that tuns in to start the rear quarter. This is goin to leave about 2 inces between the light and where the actory light would normally screw in. You followin me. So you would need to bold and filling in with metal woudl be the best way. You are alos goin to need to lower the whole truck so that it lines up thit the light becuase the lights are skinnier. It would work but is gona take a lto of work. Better off getting Acura RSX lights if you are gona go threw all that bull ****. Or supra becuase those are wicked close. I personal have painted mine and will be waiting for the after market OEM style lights.
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