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I figured that I would be a bit greedy for keeping this to myself so I am going to tell everyone. I have a magazine from a company called Paeco Industries that has almost everything that you could ever want to modify your MX-6. In the pages of this catalog contain five different engines (ranging from street style, or slalom, to all out drag engine - 240hp stock), four different types of camshafts, aluminum flywheels, competition clutches, headers, exhaust systems, high performance pistons and cylinder heads, and many other things for the engine (including titanium replacement parts). The website, doesn't give much information, but you can order the FREE magazine that has all of the parts and prices from there. Also, I called the toll free number to get a feel for what this company was like, and the guy that I talked to was really helpful and friendly and gave me a direction to head toward after asking what I wanted to do with my car. Everyone that wants to modify their MX-6 should definatly check this place out!!! Peace...

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I'll check em out

Hey guys, I live in B'ham and they're right up the road. I'll go check them out and let you all know if their prices are good. I've never heard of them before so I wonder... there are other places that are bigger specializing in imports that I know... but never heard of them... I'll keep you informed...
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