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They sale intake tubes and filters at auto zone!!!!!!!!

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Right now i only have a K&N filter. I was at autozone and they have the intake tubes for hondas for $35. I think i'm going to buy one and rig it up to wear i can make cold air out of it. Yea they also have white faces for hondas for $15 even though i hate hondas that really cheap. then they have the filter like mine but shorted for like $15. man.

So here is my plan...
GEt 2 intake tubes.. make on off my VAF to make cold air, then cut the other one to make a elbow from the throttle body to my vaf what do you think>???
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6dawg where or how did u get your clean side marker lenes?

stock excepet 4 a custom intake.ahha and new waterpump and cv joints 95 lx
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