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They sale intake tubes and filters at auto zone!!!!!!!!

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Right now i only have a K&N filter. I was at autozone and they have the intake tubes for hondas for $35. I think i'm going to buy one and rig it up to wear i can make cold air out of it. Yea they also have white faces for hondas for $15 even though i hate hondas that really cheap. then they have the filter like mine but shorted for like $15. man.

So here is my plan...
GEt 2 intake tubes.. make on off my VAF to make cold air, then cut the other one to make a elbow from the throttle body to my vaf what do you think>???
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I used to work at nights at Autozone and if you go up to one of the salesman and ask to see the vendor books, you'll get a book filled with different vendors that they can order stuff from. These are major companies like Autometer, BBK, and K&N. You can get all kind of things from Headers to gas tanks. Next time anybody is in Autozone, if they're not really busy, ask to see the vendor books and check out some of the stuff that you can get.
I made them myself in my kitchen with good ole office lighting material. I used the stuff on my side marker lenses, but I wouldn't trust that stuff on my tailights even if I wanted clear tails(ehich I don't). But, it's pretty good for small to medium size stuff.
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