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hey guys i was just after some advice about purchasing a 2nd gen MX6, i finally located one at an auction in melbourne, Australia. basically its a 92 5 speed with 130.5km on the clock. im inspecting it this tuesday(nov28) and just wondering what problems to look out for with this year model and K's on the clock. thanks in advance

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I'm assuming the 92 is the 2nd gen since it was realeased a year earlier than here in the states so here goes.

General items with that age:

CV boots and axles (tears in the boots or damaged axles)

Brakes (wear on the pads and rotors)

Engine mounts (to test this put it in gear and rev the engine while lettiing out the clutch, if it lifts a lot in either 1st or rev a motor mount is broken)

Sway bar end links (check for rust on both front and rear, show possible premature breakage if you drive hard)

Specific with that year:

Oil in the spark plug wells ( leaky valve covers, common and easily fixable but try to get them to pay for it)

Rear right brake caliper (bad design which can lock up, ask if it's been replaced or not)

Distributor (low quality Mitsubishi parts, prone to heat soak failure at high speeds, make sure it's been replaced)

Ticking from the engine (due to low oil or clogged HLA's, if no noise then you are ok, if noise then ask how long it's done it. If a long time the HL's may be collapsed and it's not cheap to replace them. Always run Mobil 1 5W30 synthetic oil to prevent this in the future.)

Can't think of anything else at the moment but also check the general condition of the car and ask for any repair records they have for a history on the car.

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thanks for the reply, but its seems like theres no test drive, so i dont know about the auction, it seems a bit risky.
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