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Thinking of buying a '93

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Found a 93 MX-6 today 1 owner, fully loaded with a 5 speed. AC didn't work, rear right strut needs replacing and the shifter has a ton of play in it. Engine pulled very strong however and handled nicely. 260000 km on it.

Asking price is 2000 obo which he just dropped from 2800.

I've read a few customer reviews and several say that they can be a fairly problem prone car, any truth to this?
Sound like a good deal?
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yeah they have there problems here and there but all cars do, one of the biggest ones is the heat failure on the distributors but theres a easy cheap fix for that. 2000 sounds a little much unless its super clean. also one thing you have to realize is that because the shifter has a lot of play in it its probably been like that for awhile and when you leave it like that it will wear the blocker rings in the trans very quickly so somewhere down the road you could have a grinding problem or it just wont go into gear.
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