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Thinking of buying a '93

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Found a 93 MX-6 today 1 owner, fully loaded with a 5 speed. AC didn't work, rear right strut needs replacing and the shifter has a ton of play in it. Engine pulled very strong however and handled nicely. 260000 km on it.

Asking price is 2000 obo which he just dropped from 2800.

I've read a few customer reviews and several say that they can be a fairly problem prone car, any truth to this?
Sound like a good deal?
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Thats a rip off, for that much wrong and that many kilometers I would avoid it. There are mx6s for $2000 in near mint shape with around 160,000 kms just be patient.

I bought a '93 and I've had to get so much work done to it as it seemed "fine" when I test drove it.
just got my mx6 for $800!!!! more money for mods!!!!!!!!
Yep, I just got mine for $900USD w/ 123,000 miles and fairly strong running. I've spent about $26 to get it up and running well and am looking at about $1000 to get some really nice mods and have some fun!
i would say dont get it. Mine was $2000 with 165,000miles on it with enkei riims, 2 12" subs, amp, and deck. That one is $2000 with doesnt sound like much on it. my opinion is dont get it.
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