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This is funny!

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Last night I was with 3 of my friend's driving in a 2001 Honda Passport (V6) that belonged to my best friends dad.

Anyways we stoped at a 7-11 to get some drinks, and there were 2 cop cars there giving some under aged kid a sobriety test after he crashed his Jeep into a dumpster:lol:After they arrested him and took him away.I drove the Passport back from there because my friend lost his licence so he let me drive. So about a mile from the 7-11 we come up to a red light with a 97-2001 4 door Civic w/rice all over it (altezza's, chrome tip, huge wing, ect...) and the guy had 2 chicks with him, and they were staring at us (4 of us) and he started to rev his engine (auto)

Light turn's green and I let him get on it first then i gave it WOT and pulled about a car in front by 50mph gave him the [email protected] and let off:lol:but what's this?? That's right RICER FLY BY with the hazard's:damnmad:

Next light we had our windows down and were laughing at the guy telling him he lost to a SUV w/4 people in it. That was one of the funniest races I've ever seen (or been involved)

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lol that would make my day....
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