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This is getting fun, I bought another Probe... Can we say 12:1 Compression, CZT +++

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So while I had my local listing up for Probe Parts I got offered something I could not say no too:

(I put my Mustang Rims on it already it came with Speed6 rims 18's)

Clean, black interior he painted some pieces red but atleast they are common replaceable pieces. Very clean inside but lets get to all the fun stuff it came with:
Built Bottom End (Up for sale too) 12:1 Wisecos & 4140 I-beams. I am going to ask 1500 and just sell it as I don't want another toy I need a fun daily driver until I get bored and do another Eaton M45.

Then I got Megasquirt V2.2 with Coil Packs everything wired, very nice.
I also got this fun toy, I will be making my own version shortly (Which is a topic I am going to bring up below):

I have a plan for making it stronger.

But how about this one, I know of only one picture released of this Manifold being given to some one. I will be taking my idea's, this manifold and finishing the project (This is the big reason for my portion below asking for everyone's thoughts). Its the Rare CZT Single Plane Intake Manifold with Velocity Stacks:

I also got traction bars, the heads are ported and flow benched, equal length long tubes, a weird body kit that's up for sale too (FS thread up shortly) and a ton of other little things. Also he claims it has some 282 duration cams o_O I asked for the full specs but after seeing the block and the Manifold that was the least of my concern lol.

I have decided to sell a lot of things since I have most of what I want. I will be selling the new PacSetter long tubes I bought since this car came with full exhaust. I sold the other Probe to my roommate he will get getting the current exhaust so I can build my own dual setup that dumps at the rear tires.
I am going to keep the heads, get a good KLZE bottom end and run the Cams, the MS setup and the Heads he gave me for my daily driver. I am installing the MX6 AC Controls since I bought all that from Hughes and gave most of it too my roommate also spares him wiring it up... Just tons of fun.

The Firebird has been back as a daily driver... its fun but I bought a new BMR Adjustable Torque arm as she still could hook better lol.

But anyway what do you guys think? Good buy for 1250 cash delivered? Hehehe. :jump:

Now here is a question I have for you guys. I was a while ago going to start selling rear sway bar's 17mm up to 22mm with adjustable endlinks but decided after paying for the Sponsor status not too. I was also going to sell my Intake Manifold but the Build (Rusty's Total Performance) was to buy to finish the Jig for it. Now with the CZT and my changes to it I am debating doing it again. I will also be adding to the list the top roof support and possibly a few other fun toys.
What would you guys think, any of those items interest the members here?
I was thinking a Bulk Buy having 5 IM's ready to ship @ 500 or so a piece and then after that 750-800 depending on powder coating options.
As for the support bars and the sway bars I am not sure on pricing yet but it would be cheap on the sway bars since the deal I have is still something I can run (Same for the endlinks since we pretty much know how to make them I was just working on making them greasable). :tup:

Thanks for the thoughts and I def can't wait to get some stuff sold and put this new car on the road... I wonder if I will drive the Firebird as much when its running lol. :angel:
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Interesting car to say the least. What happened with all your other whips. Did you sell the audi?
I have the 2nd gen MX6 I bought from Hughes back the wife has it again. I sold the Audi for 1550 I believe it was when I decided to get another Probe for good. The Firebird is finished but is awaiting the paint booth in January and I am still selling the first gens shell... thats about it... until I buy something else as always.
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But anyway what do you guys think? Good buy for 1250 cash delivered? Hehehe.
If that's what you paid, then I think you should rot in hell for getting too many good deals.:lol:
LOL I swear I did not even go looking for this one, they contacted me.

Funny thing is I was told about this car a long time ago when a kid borrowing it broke it. I wanted the intake manifold and could never get ahold of the owner so gave up after a few months.

Its weird how things work out but I also got another member into the KL Scene so all in all it worked out well.

I should probably make a sep. thread for my question on interest in the items I would be making.
GIVE me your MPS6'll get a get out of ban card ;)
ROFLMAO Come get them does it look like the Monopoly Get out of Jail one?

How about a "Can never be Perma Banned/over 15 Day Banned" Card?

Something tells me I am a magnet with my mouth sometimes and the ban stick :p
ROFLMAO COme get them does it look like the Monopoly Get out of Jail one?

How about a "Can never be Perma Banned/over 15 Day Banned" Card?

Something tells me I am a magnet with my mouth sometimes and the ban stick :p
Don't tempt me to come get them :lol:
Make it happen and they are yours. :D
Meet me in Reno haha
hmm... I can get them to Vegas lol.
Wow, that whole car is custom. A lot of parts on there that aren't around anymore. I think I remember the manifold from back in the day. Does it run?
Sweet intake manifold. Make up some copies/bulk buy ?:D
I have been thinking about that and a few other items I was going to offer a long time ago but the thread got closed and I have not got an answer from Justin on where I can make such a thread to gauge interest.
You can put one in 2g general if you are serious about making manifolds. It can ONLY be to gauge interest, however. If you decide to sell you have to work that out with the admins.
Thats where I had it with a poll and the thread was deleted, could you tell me what was wrong with the last thread before I remake it Chef? :tup:

Don't want to cause any problems.
I don't remember your last thread. Just make sure you are not asking for any money or commitment. You can list a price estimate but don't ask for any down payments or anything. MAKE SURE it is CLEARLY listed in the thread that it is only to gauge interest in the possibility of reproducing/modifying the CZT manifold. You can collect names and interest but before you go to the sales step you must get admin permission to sell on the forums.

I will make sure it stays there unless one of my fellow mods produces a valid reason to remove it. As long as you are not asking for any money and you are not selling anything, you should be fine.
Thanks I will remake it today!
that is so awesome.

intake mani looks awesome too. may be interested
Damn, that is a good deal. Why did the seller sale it for so cheap?
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