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throttle body

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i was wondering if anyone has modified (changed) their throttle body? the stock one seems restrictive and i would rather not have the variable throttle body. does anyone have any suggestions? I was also wondering if anyone knows where i can get some turbo headers.

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umm i think there is a mod to the atx f2 tb so that they open at the same time but that is all i have heard about.
THey don't open at the same time on the ATX, SickSix will swear they do, but he has modified one apparently, However the two butterflys are reversed so that the larger one opens first (More power down low for the ATX I guess).

To make them open at the same time all you need is a longer screw on the throttle linkage.

I found that with this simple mod I had too much power to soon and it made day to day street driving difficult and hard on my clutch.
True Flyswat very true, The GT's Intake manifold is actuall designed pretty good to control all of the torque that the F2T puts out, it also spreds the power band out better.
Ever notice when your pressing the gas (on a GT) you get to a cirten point where the pedal gets stiffer, then all of the sudden all the power seems to hit and put you back into your seat when you go past that point (well that stiff spot is where the second butterfly starts to open). Now imagine your gas pedal being stiff like that right from the begining, the car would be extremly hard to control off the line, and if you think the wheel spin is bad now just wait until you do this mod, if you do it. You will also be at WOT when your only 1/2 way down on the pedal.
IMHO you would not like having a single throttle plate or having both butterfly's open at the same time, because it would be just like what I described above, too much power off the line, and when your only 1/2 way down on the pedal your alredy going WOT.
A real good mod to do to your stock Throttle body is to P&P it then install 65mm butterflys to make up for the size difference. This will give you actual HP gains and won't screw with your powerband.

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