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i was wondering if any of u have devised a way that the thermo fan stays on for a little while after the car has shutdown after the turbo timer? i live in west australia and it gets to about 38-40c during summer(now)and i find i am having 2 sit in the car and wait for the turbo timer to stop and then i have 2 flick the key to accessories to trip the thermo fan while i have the a/c button pressed. there must b an easier way our GTs can be given extra time to cool. i drive real easy as i am about to park but i still cant bear to leave my car cooking like that. i have though of making a circuit hooked up to trip both fans but i am now working without a manual and crawling round the cars engine bay in this heat is far from my mind. just wanna know if u guys have thought of any gadgets.also a gadget that lets u trip your a/c fan as well as your normal cooiling fan(2 is better than 1)thanx!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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