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Timing belt Question

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So I marked the everything before taking it off, I removed the tensioner and as soon as I took the belt off both sprockets shot in either direction.

My question is do I just turn them both back to line them up?

Want to make sure I am doing this correctly.
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Yes. Depending on their position, it might be a chore to line them up if you dont have a tool to keep them in place. A helping hand is usually nice.
I read on here some time ago, which is what I did, because I was doing it by myself was to take the larger paper clips, the kind that looks like a triangle and has the two arms that you use to open the triangle. If that makes sense, when you have your belt on the right sproket clip one of those on, then after you move to the left one clip one on again. They do like to pop off once in a while so be ready if they do, but it does help.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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