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Timing slip on Nissan N13? / Holden Astra 1988 - Wont start?

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So, my mate is selling a Holden Astra 1988, decent little car, knows it pulls hard..ish..

but the other day it seems his timing belt had slipped and the rubber grooves are farked. (thats what the RAA guy told him, and not it wont start.
he said it just randomly turned off..

So, i got a timing gun, now how hard is it to change the timing.. I understand that i then line the notch up on the gear with the notch on the motor. that easy?

but why would it just die? and not turn back on? (i know the guy drained out the battery...)
it seems that there is no head damage.. oil level and coolent level are all right and decent colour...

i plan to buy it off him for $200, give it some tlc, and then sell it.. wounder if its worth it (wont spend to much, the profit would be there!)
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pull the timing cover off and see if the timing marks line up with the belt and after that do a compression check might have bent valves (becuase the cam and crank dont line up the the spark will be fired at the wrong time now from the cam/crank angle sensor (dizzy) check that first let us now how u go
well a newer problem has arived, aligned everything up and go to turn the car on - sweet

turn the car on and it just comped the belt!

the crank gear moved freely!!!! =[ the belt has abit of tention, the tention is set by the waterpump, but it seems perfect =[
got me bummed!
thats gonna be expensive.
yup, motor/head is shat its self, no luck.
bin it all... inc the car
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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