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225/50r15 won't affect your speedo.

The two sidewalls' height will be:

(225 X .50) X 2 = 112.5 X 2 = 225.

For a 205/55, the two sidewalls' height will be:

(205 X .55) X 2 = 112.75 X 2 = 225.5.

15in is the size of the wheel. Add the 15in to the two sidewalls heights and you'll get the total height of the tire mounted on the wheel.

The total diameter of the tire mounted on the wheel is practically the same. Your circumference will not change either.

Try a +1, like 205/50r16 or 225/45r16, the diameters are the same as the 205/55r15.


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dear 626,

I was thinking about getting the 225/50/15's because i would like more rubber going to the ground, without getting new wheels...i really like the 5 star rims that i have like the M-edition but in silver, and i had a horrible experience with for me rims aren't an option...but I will see what i can get as far as tires.

thanks a lot,


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