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Tires rubbing inner fender sounds worse than I thought it would

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Tonight I lowered my car a bit more in the front (on ksports with 17x8 et 48, 225/45 tires, the fenders are 24" off the ground dunno if that helps...)

Anybody know good ways of rolling the fender lip and bashing/cutting the fender liner so it doesn't make those horrible sounds rubbing over a bump while turning go away? I realized that there is a part of the fender liner right above the wheels, how dumb is that?

Don't have much time to work on the car as I'm back in school, if I figure anything out I'll post it here.
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My lining is removed.

If you care about your paint then

Eastwood Fender Roller Tool

As for me I needed paint so I did it by hand with a set of body shop hammers.
I was actually contemplating getting a partshopMAX fender roller and renting it out in town. I should actually ask the guys at CWS if they have one (they're the only tuning shop in town and specialize in crazy VWs)

I think the fender liner will be removed ASAP, it's just getting an alignment today.

Thought I'd update.
The problem fixed itself on the right side. Going up a slope turning hard right my right side tire grabbed my fender lip and bent it outwards while pushing the fender liner up. I bent the lip back in with my hands :smokin: and smoothed it out with the back of some plyer's handles and now the lip is rolled (no damage to the outer fender yay!). Now just need to do the same thing tot he left.
old racers trick:

take a wooden baseball bat, put the business end on top of the tire for leverage, handle end in hand, then "roll up the rim" ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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