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To Ebay or not to Ebay?

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To Ebay or not to Ebay....that is the question!!! Im lookin at geting new suspenion parts for my 1993 Mazda Mx-6. These parts include control arms, inner and outer tire rods, ball joint, and sway bar. the bid as at about 70 bucks right now. I've never bidded or got anything off ebay but i've heard good things. Anyone have any experience off Ebay? :confused:
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I myself like ebay for certain things.. I think that list you posted will be just fine. I just worry about bodykit from ebay. :eek:
I recently purchased an ebay kit similar to that. The brand was chasis select from Canada I believe. It included two lower control arms, inner and outer tie rods, and ball joints. The parts were of good quality but I ran into trouble during installation.

The lower control arms were rubbing my brake discs when everything was installed and the car was sitting off the lift. When the aftermarket companies assemble the control arms, they pinch and weld two pieces of metal together. Mazda OEM welded theirs with no lip where the two pieces of metal meet. The small lip on the after market ones was enough to cause clearance issues. It was "easily" fixed by grinding the lip down, welding the pieces together, and repainting the parts but they had to do it while everything was installed so it was costly. My mechanic also checked his parts supplier and they had the same lip on theirs. Just be aware that they might not bolt right on.

On the plus side, the car feels great with all the new suspension components installed. :tup:
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Hmm the only reason i really have my doubts is cause im afraid that $84.00 for all those parts sounds really low so maybe i should look elsewhere for something more much did you pay for your your suspension kit?
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