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This is for 2nd Gen MX 6's. No experience of 1st Gen.

Once the door trim is removed, I suggest lining as much or the door panels with some kind of sound deadening material. Do both inside and the surface of the door panel.

You can completely remove the existing speaker as it attaches to the door trim.

I made up a template out of 18mm MDF wood which I then screwed into the metal of the door. This template will have to be cut to fit around the contours of the door trim, so it might look like an odd shape. The door has an uneven surface, so before the template is screwed into place you will need to get some time of "Liquid Nails" type glue and fill in all around the template and the door panel so as to get a complete and total seal.

Some metal might need to be removed in this location, but generally the template is to give the speaker magnets clearance of the window when it is lowered.

The template needs to allow the speaker to sit almost in the same position as the original speaker. The speaker should be screwed to the template not the door as the door is uneven in its surface.

Choice of speakers is vast, but a 8" speaker designed to be played in a very small sealed enclosure will work fine.

You have to remember that in my MX6 I also have a midrange unit higher up in the door.

Personally I find that for the ultimate sound reproduction and great stereo soundstage, that the front bass speaker is best electronically cut off at about 100Hz but you must have suitable midrange to allow for this.

Fitting the door panel back on is a wiggle and a squeeze and you might get a few issues around the door switch gear on the drivers side, but it will go back on with a little bit of fuss.

The original speaker grille can be left in place and it is a good idea to also sound deaden the door trim as this will vibrate and reduce the overall sound quality.

I hope this helps, you can always get back to me.

Cheers from Erskine
[email protected]
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