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I guess this might not count since the driver was some teenage girl...

I was driving on state with my friend, then these 2 girls flewpass me. On next light, she looks at me and laughs. I looked at my friend and floored it. Its just the way she drove and way she looked pissed me off.

So next light I see her, I went right behind her, highbeamed her and revved my engine. I wasn't going for one on one...the car would kick my ass, so I wanted to take it from street kinda way...light to light

She was kinda ahead, then I catched up around 60 since there were many cars and I never looked back. Next light, I saw her, she was all pissed off and wasn't smiling anymore. I almost said "Your mom's car runs nice" But I was happy already so nah..

I wish my car would have been a bit faster off the bat...but that's coming soon...

How many accident has people seen after the movie?
I saw 3 right after friday...

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