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i decided i'm going to part w/ ol' blue this winter/spring. i also have a '02 cavy for a beater i'm going to sell and i think i'm going to use my combined money for a down-payment on a wrx. i have spent so much time and money on this car i really can't come to a price right now. i was hoping maybe u guys would be able to help me out. along w/ obvious mods i have small things that u won't find on many mx6's, like a re-apolstored(spelling?) matching black headliner, or blue blinker lights in dash. has 121,000 miles

please note this car doesn't have:
-cat. converter
-a/c (have unit in storage
-c control (same)
-back seats(same)

i also have in storage that could come w/ car
-gunmetal 03 im
-stock f bumper
-bulk buy udp
-spare 03 block
-ze heads
-03 fw
-r valve cover
and probably more i can't think of right now

this is just for short on time....simply go to my cardomain for all pics

please post offers or what u think its worth

thank you

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more like $5k. Amazing car... looks clean and sharp... best wishes with the sale of this beauty.
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