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Hi Guys,

Checked out some of the sensors on my car this weekend, to try and locate that misfire of mine (see other post of mine - 'Slight misfire at ilde and 2000rpm'.

I've checked out the VAF and IAT sensors and they seems fine. No glitches during the transition an IAT reads about 2000 ohm for 20C. Also checked the TPS and idling mode switch. TPS sensor also seems fine with no glitches.

The idling position switch seems to work fine, except that the spec says short circuit when no throttle is applied and an 0.006" inserted between the stop, and open circuit from an 0.020" onwards. Mine reads around 50 to 90 ohms instead of short circuit. Open circuit is fine.

Is this ok? My understanding of short circuit is an resistance of 1 ohm or less? Is my TPS defective?

Happy MX6ing
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