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TPS problems ..Please help

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I'm not sure if my TPS is working properly. I can adjust it using the fan method but I can't seem to get a voltage reading from it. It gives me only 0.07v no matter where the throttle is opened to. My harness to the TPS has four wires, colored green, red, brown, black/blue..I'm measuring the second one down and grounding it to the engine block. Is that right? I'm confused because from this site here 1993-1995 Engine Controller Malfunction Codes
says the wires are pink, yellow, brown, black/blue.

So is it working or not? My VRIS is not working properly either, both solenoids will click open and closed but aren't working at WOT. Would a bad TPS be the cause of this? It's a 2.5V6 DE.

I would REALLY appreciate some help here, this thing has me up every night checking and re-checking...ARGGGGGHH!!!!!!:rocket:
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First, replace the VRIS and see how the car drives, then report back to us here.
I already replaced VRIS 1 solenoid a couple weeks ago, after feeling a surge at 4000rpm. It was shot, and not opening at idle. After replacing it, both VRIS 1 and VRIS 2 solenoids were working. Now, VRIS 2 will open when I switch the connection from #1 but won't open at WOT(used paper trick). I Both click when 12v applied.
I assume from this that the solenoids are I wrong?
Just an update

My VRIS 2 decided to start working properly again, perhaps it's on it's way out...

To test TPS voltage properly you need to set your multimeter to it's DC volts MegOhminput. On this setting, I was able to verify my TPS is working throughout the throttle range. Hope this helps someone
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