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Hey all,
So before I get my clutch, I was recommended to get my trani oil checked... what is involved in that? what would it cost in your opinions and does it take any special type of oil that you would recommend?

also, why would I switch from normal to synthetic oil for the engine? all help is GREATLY appreicated!!!
hopefully i could bring my car in this evening :)



I originaly had they regular trani oil....the one that the dealers sugest. However it HIGHLY recommend using the MTL90 synthetic'll feel a big diff. and runs alot smoother. The MX6 seems to run really good with this stuff.
I still have notchy feeling when going into second..however it's alot better with the MTL90.

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You won't realy need to check you tranny oil, you'll have to replace it no matter what. It'll all get drained out anyway when the transmition case is opened to replace the clutch.:) Definitely get a synthetic oil in there, it makes a world of difference. So far I've used Royal Purple and Redline, both have been great and I haven't had any problems. Really loosens up the shifter too.
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