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Transmission Differences among years??

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Does anyone know they differences amongst different 2nd gen V6 manual transmissions?

What I've collected so far is that:

-93-94 transmissions are compatible
-95-some 96 transmissions are compatible. The 96's last 6 digits of the VIN # must be before "509890'

-Some 96 transmissions (last 6 digits of VIN# must be after "509890") -97

What are the differences between the transmissions? Is there anyway to make them interchangeable or is the axle length or axle spline count different?
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Bump, Where you at mx6 diehards?... somebody school me on this :)
Im not sure on years and vins etc.... In my 96 PGT, I originally had an auto that went bad. I then switched to a manual 5sp out of a 95 pgt, this ended up blowing out the differential and then I switched to a 94 out of a mx6. No problems with that going on 15k. As far as if there is any gearing changes or anything like that I dont know either but this is what I have used.
I don't believe there is a difference between the years when dealing with a manual transmission.

The only difference between the KL applications is that the Probe has a different final drive than the MX-6/626. The MX-3 might also have a different final drive from those, but I'm not certain about this.
i asked this question a while back and this is what Radar told me-
Probe, 626, and mx3 trannies will all bolt up if they come from the v6 model (including the 1.8L mx3 v6). The mx3 and PGT do have slightly shorter gears...
KL transmissions bolt up to KL engines, yup.
Good to know, thanks. While I was shopping for a transmission most salvage yards would ask for the last 6 digits of the VIN #. Just figured there was a big difference between years.
If you go in there and tell them what year vehicles you want and that you will take responsibility for fitment issues (but not waive their warranty on the transmission actually working), you shouldn't have any problems.
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