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Transmission problems....

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.....I have just finnished reading a ton of posts, can't find what I am looking for.

I just got a '95 MTX MX3 4 banger that bangs and pulls hard to the right when in gear. Nutral it rolls smooth. Any ideas? Pretty sure I need a different trans.

I am going to freshen up my MX^ trans this winter. Need new syncros. Mazda the best place to go? what else should I change while I'm in there?

I have another 6 that I am swapping out the ATX for an MTX. Want to put the ATX in my old MX6. Do I need to swap wireing harnesses too?

Thanx for the info


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The sychros i'd def recommend using oem parts. As far as the car pulling, maybe bad motor mounts or strut.
for the pulling my guess would be is your diff thinks your turning so you might have more resistance on the left side causing all the power to go to the right wheel, you dont have a donut or any other different size tire on the front do you?
no I don't have a donut on there. And it isnt a constant pulling. Its more like BANG! Try ing to rip the steering wheel out of your hands.

Thanks for the replys


just when you hit the gas it pulls once and thats it or it stays pulling?
pulls then doesn't then pulls again. Really tries to pull the wheel out of your hands.
And it is very loud when it happens.

Got a price of $500 from the wreckers. What a load o BS.


idk maybe your ring and pinion are offset and have excessive wear, as far as ur syncros wait till you get it apart to buy anything because you should atleast replace all the blocker rings which is like 10 bucks a piece or something, but as far as the pulling im stumped i have a big feeling its something with your diff but who knows, does it happen in every gear?
good call on the rebuild. Thanx

And Yeah it does it in every gear. But it rolls fine. LOL

Thanx Swamper


yeah syncros usually arnt bad unless its been slamed into gear over and over, the blocker rings are usually what takes the beating, expecialy the cone on the inside of the blocker ring will wear then wont speed up the gear so you'd end up grinding gears. if you take the springs off the syncros just remember they are directional so make sure they go back on the way they came off
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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