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Trip to the wreckers

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so i went for a visit to the wreckers today and found a nice probe that was was purple with silver flames down the side lol i asked the guy how much for the springs and struts he said 200 for all 4 i didnt get a good picture of the shocks or srpings i have some of the car but dont exactly now how to put them up.

I also went to a wreckers in belleville(the probe was in trenton) and i found a mx3 with a klze in it, a 1g mx6 white 4 cyl with pretty much no interior, and the last thing i found before i left (what i originally went to look for) was a black mx6 94 4cyl with no doors, tires, trunk lid, and the hood wasnt latched on... it had stock tails which were super clean and the inside of the trunk had some little gray box bolted to the roof of it in between the speakers, anyone know what that is?

i have pictures of everything except the little gray box, i also priced the bumper and drivers fender off the black 6 and he wanted 150 for them... is that too much.
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are u picking up the springs? cuz if not i probably will... how far is trenton form kingston>
I saw that purple probe and asked him if he would sell the whole car haha he said no, and i'd like to know what brand the shocks and springs are before spending $200 on them... which wreckers was the mx3 at with the ZE? if all works out I might have a job at Hotch's!!! hopefully :)

and trenton is just under an hour from kingston depending on how fast you drive lol maybe 45 minutes is more like it.
well i am getting the springs off of it since the struts looked stock..and the mx3 was at a wreckers by st theresa over by the sports centre lol.
I didn't even know there was a wreckers over there lol I wouldn't mind some pics if ya got some? or send them to me and i'll post them up for you.
Was that 1st gen a Probe GT? if so I'd be interested in the rear sway bar.... if it was the 18mm variety.
it wasnt a probe it was an mx6 and it wasnt a gt from what i beleive..ill try to post some pics
the pics were taken on my cellphone sorry that their linked dont know how to post images:p
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Sorry, read that too fast....
someone should tell a probinator bout that car... could be a cheap way to get a kit for them. lol.

to bad that ur gettin em springs .
i desperately need springs and dont wanna spend very much.. actually i wanna spend very little.

if any one sees anything lemme know.
well i called the guy and asked about just the springs and he said wont sell just the spring only the springs and struts all together, and seeing as i dont have the money and this is my daily driver i dont wanna lower it till after winter the springs arnt mine haha so whoever wants em can go get em... as for the bodykit i beleive it was in good shape but the hood has the scoops which arnt functional and are lifting off the actual hood... the guy kows nothing about the car he only said that when the kid braught it in the engine was F*d and know nothing more about it.
do you got a number and address for this wrecker..

cuz i think ima get those springs and struts i juast am very annoyed about how high my car is... we had a meet yesterday and my car looks liek a 4x4 car.. haha....

but if you could give me the number name and address that owuld be sick.

thx in advance
Sidney Auto Wreckers
400 Sidney Street, Trenton, ON K8V 2V2
Telephone : 613-392-5201
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