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so i'm on my way home form my girlfriends house and i'm just chillin at this stop light. I look over and there is this white Eclipse with "trust" acoss its windsheild. he reves his shit, must have hit red line. i look and smile (hoping its not a turbo, icouldn't hear one) so anyways the light turns green and i smoked him off the line, so about 1/10 of a mile later i break and let him catch up a bit he trys to pass me and i droped it in to 2ed and he matched my nose then i just left him again. It was probably the sweetest kill yet on my part!


you can always TRUST in the fact that an mx will cremate any fool in a non turbo eclipse and will always pull away on the top end from any turbos. The eclipse is a dated car which has sucked from inception
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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