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I was wondering if our cars need tuning after we do our mods, like i have 3in down pipe to 21/2in exhaust, no cat, k&n filter, ngk plugs n wires, and a probinator chip. I have my 89 mx6 gt set at 15psi, people are telling me i need tuning to make it run better. My car runs great as it is. so i dont know what to do. I'm not looking to make crazy power just about 230whp. So what do you guys think. THANKS
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230hp. you do realize thats over 300tq on our motors, right?

you cant just assume you need to adjust timing, or add fuel. plus with your basic mod's. i highly doubt you need to worry about that yet.
The 1st step is to put in a wideband O2 gauge see how lean your running. Without that you can't 'tune' it.
230 whp? you'd be lucky to get 190 on the stock turbo. to run 15 psi, the only mod you need is to check for basics like timing belt, compression, tune up, etc....
for reliability, megasquirt. anything else is a hack, and your car will be as reliable as a hack is :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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