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I'm in the middle of turboing my 93 B2200, I have the stock exhaust/turbo manifold off of a ford probe turbo. I heard that the stock turbos are pieces of shit, so what do most people upgrade to?

How hard is the rest of my install going to be? I have tapped into the oil and cooling lines, also the fuel line has been tapped to the FMU. I have the intake side taken care off by means of a K&N filter and a toyota supra intercooler. I have to custom fab a down pipe for the exhaust. But what I'm most worried about it the ECU mainboard, will the stock one work or will I have to find one out of a turbo car or can I get around it with an aftermarket controller?

thanx for the help

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There are two upgrades for the stock IHI turbo available.

Stage II I think is the VJ17 which is found in Ford thunderbirds. Use that compressor wheel and grind your housing to fit. 305cfms
Stage III Is sourcing out a Ferrari F40 compressor wheel and grind your turbo housing to fit it. 330cfms

There are other turbos that'll fit up to the stock probe manifold. Just talk to RAW POWER on and he'll hook you up.
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