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I have the 93´ MX6, V6 (KL - engine) and I want to add a turbo kit to it.
Is it possible?
Where could I reach it? Are there any changes to be done on this engine?
Thanks for your help!

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You would get a bunch of knowledge about this by doing a search... This subject has been talked about before. that is TKT's website who is only one making "kits" for our cars. Unfortunately, even these aren't bolt-on stuff like he claims them to be. There are lots of things to consider when you go wiw forced induction. Look at the 's forced induction forum too. But run searches before you ask in there. Otherwise you are gonna get answer like this in there too. I'm looking for parts to make my own custom setup and that is the way to go on with our cars.

KLZE or KLO3? Hope that is KLO3, lower compression would be happier to play with boost.

You need to fight wiw fuelling if you are going to boost high. You WILL need fuel pump, FPR, FMU... definately a new stronger clutch... etc.
Check out TKT's site and run searches in here and probetalk and you will get a whole bunch of knowledge.

Peace, bro
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