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turbo manifold

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hey all i wanna do a turbo conversion on my 93 ford telstar tx5 ax 2l 4cylinder 5 pseed manual blah blah

where abouts can i get a dam manifold for it anyone got suggestions or would it be cheaper to get one made up?
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check out part # EXMAN-MAZ03 $339 USD

You could probably have a tubular one made up for almost the same price with the dollar where it is atm....but the good thing about buying an off the shelf one, you know it will fit and you can do it yourself.

it'd go well with a garett GT2560BB...
nah i just wanna use the stock 626/tx5 vj11 turbo and i wanted to see if it will fit thats or im not looking for big big power but just enough to gain a extra 40kw thats all
cut and shut the stock manifold.

nothing will really fit - one's a siamese exhuast port the other are equal
when i do the turbo conversion i just hope my engine will be able to handle it thats all
should be fine on about 5-6 pound thats about it with the stock ecu.
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