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turbo problems. please help

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:( so i just bought a 91 mx6 gt turbo coupe for 800! (i knew it had engine issues) the car runs and drives great and all the options work-ish (window motor is slow. nornal) lol but it has problems going over 3000rpm. the engine shuts off for some reason. i was told the turbo is shot and i've already purchased a new factory one. (even if its not the problem new is normally better than used) but i'm curious to know if anyone else is having or has had this problem. the clutch, distributer cap, spark plugs and wires have been replaced. if you have any ideas of what may be the cause please let me know asap! get back at me here or email me at [email protected] or call/txt at 541-981-8601

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do you hear a beep when it happens? is everything stock? take a picture of your engine bay and post it up.
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