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Ok I just changed my rear calipers with slightly larger mazda 6 ones (bolt right on). I am still using my stock disks till shops open up. My original caliper is rooted, leaking. When I pump the pedal up with pressure, it pumps up but then I let go for a few seconds, put foot back down and goes straight to the floor. Also when I press the brakes down with the car on, no pedal pressure whatsover, but the brakes still lock up.

It did not do this with the old calipers. The stock disks are a bit smaller, but this shouldnt make a difference right?? I changed my master as it was leaking as well, but it did this both before and after caliper change.

EDIT - stupid fucking thread title fuck up
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Why did you change the old caliper? it was leaking in what way?? a repairable one?
Leaked enough.
shit load of air in lines?? bled fully i assume?
tried checking for leaks or a bleed?
EDIT: wait, no that was wrong.

(i said maybe split in lines, but then it wouldn't pump.. unless its only going to the front calipers? )
Nah mans lines are sweet, it holds pressure when i put foot down, but if I let go then replace foot the pressure has to build up again.
run more fluid through the lines, sounds like bubbles.
I have gone through honest to god over 5Litres of brake fluid.
hah rightio!

bled at all 4 wheels?
might have sucked down to no fluid in the reservior so sucked air into front lines.... so if only changing rear calipers...

oh, wait... guess you have cause you changed master cylinder...

hows the clutch?
sticky tape over the leak or some shit and swap back to the old calipers, as a test to see if the fault is in the calipers or the car.
another option, it was a rear correct? if only one was leaking, plug the line and run without it, as a last temporary resort.
Chucked the stocker back on, almost done. Ill be at the cruise no worries, will let you know if I cant, but I suspect it should be ok. Leak or no leak, im coming. Just wont drive hard so I dont kill my self (or worse, my car).
just bring a container of brake fluid, stick to the low gears, and keep your hand on the handbrake and you should be fine :p

as for the problem, i thaught maybe the calipers are jamming? i dont know the mechanics of a caliper but maybe one is jamming shut.
Dad says one of the valves in the master cylinder is failing or one of the seals is in backwards, its a problem hes seen before, and hes been hooning for over 40 years.
I'll see you lot in Gong at around 12pm.

I'll send Turk and Mhale72 a number to contact me on to confirm.
I put the stock calipers on, it works. See ya tommorow morning boys.
Excellent work Turk. Cya at the Gong.
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