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Just thought id make this example of how to polish/mirror polish engine parts... or anything really. even though graham_a_m did one a while back, this one had purdy pics of a ze intake manifold :lol:

Now i know there may be a simpler way to do things... but this is how I did it.

things you'll need:
- a drill or sidegrinder
- polishing pads (they look like 100 sown together peices of material) a rougher one for the tripoli, and a softer one for the other polishing.
- Josco Tipoli... its like a bar of polishing compound. bout 12 bucks or so from bunnings.

- Josco SS compound... the final 'cut' it may seem of polishing. also a bar, from bummings again :p

- barell sander bit thing. good for getting pores out.

- nylon bit. very spikey... from bunnings aswell.

- and a bunch of wire brush bits.

firstly, get your peice you want to polish... this is a KLZE intake manifold. if it is painted, get it sandblasted... im too retarted to think of this at the time, so i used wirebrushes :(. if it is not painted.. well its all good! start with the wire brushes and clean it up as much as possible... the little bits of wire will clean out all the pores. this is what i did first :p

once it is all clean and bright metal, get the barell sander. wack it in the drill and go nuts! this takes aaages but you can actually see it working. it takes off a fair bit of metal... takes the metal down so the pores are gone. use a dremel and a mini-bit for the smaller parts. (damn this wouldve been easier if i was doin a Valve cover :p )

next I used the nylon brush to start polishing. the nylon is like a smoother version of the sander... it gets rid of the scratches that the barell sander put there. just tune out and get at it for a few hours :lol:

i then got the polishing pad bit, spun it in the tripoli, and attacked the IM. this stuff is like a cut you use to take back a layer of paint, but it is metal specific. it is sort of a clay and definetley does the job. after a while (a few hours) you will see a very blurry reflection of yourself..... its the first stage of shineyness!!! :)


next i get the 'SS compound' and the white pad bit. this is the part that finally blings the fruck out of it. this will make it helll shiney. the more time you spend, the shinier it gets. i stopped after a while... as i ran into a few issues with mah mx6 :( but keep goin, as itl shiine.

i guess the next thing you can do is make the bolts shineh. i did mine in a chrome spray, as i knew they wouldnt be getting too hot (and burn the paint off)

then i guess you put some sort of clear on it.. i think anyway. :)

goodluck with it.. and honestly dont bother if you're not into a bit of work.. it takes a while. (well, it did for me).

HAVE FUN Y'ALL! :jump:
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