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(TX) XTD Stage 3 clutch and pressure plate

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Never used... Brand spankin new!!!! going a different route...

2Gen V6 only btw...

XTD Stage 3 Clutch (6 puck) with pressure plate - $100 plus shipping SOLD SOLD SOLD!!

as you see everything is in its original packaging and has never been opened except i opened it to see that everything was there... and take a good pic of the clutch...
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if it doesnt sell too quick i may be interested when i have some cash. Where was this purchased from?
its the ebay clutch kit... i was gona install it but too many people that i trust on PT told me that since my LS is turbo'd it will blow my 3rd gear into pieces...
i dont want to shatter my 3rd or i would buy it from you lol
lol exactly!!!! i need this thing gone people... OBO come on...

100 plus shipping???
lol im not hoping on it for the same reason! damn pucked clutches.

JW, what clutch are you going with?
i think its funny the three of us are all trying to get new clutches because of boost, and thats the reason none of us are getting this one
The reason it shatters 3rd is because 8/10 of you don't know how to shift correctly while driving greater than 7/10 ;)
ANYWAYS!! i might be goin with a stage 2 clutch/flywheel comb instead... or a stage 2 with a mx3 flywheel...
... or a stage 2 with a mx3 flywheel...
... in the mail })

look out.
so.. has this sold? why cant we using if we are boosted? I need something better than excedy.. my sheeet slips under boost :/

I have an mx3 btw.
you can use it for sure.

just sence its pucked, it sorta 'slam's harder when you let the clutch out (or grabs much faster) and it aplies all the power much sharper than a full faced (i believe). it just becomes much more likely to break 3rd gear.

Can you PM ME PLEASE or email me

[email protected]

Im boosted.. but I know how to drive :p
lol well its sold man i forgot about this post... im so sorry man... can an admin close this?
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