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I found Panther37's How-To on this install, but it was not 100% clear. Not enough pictures and just the steps were mostly bundled up. I used some of his steps so :tup: Panther37. Thought I'd include where I got some information from as I did not do this completely by myself.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any action your perform on your own. I MAY produce plug and play applications of the Blaster 2 coil where you just take out your complete coil and just put the Blaster 2 in bolt it down and plug everything up. That may be a later date, but I will post up a 'Gauging Interest' thread when the time comes. Now to the how-to.

Vehicle this covers: 1GEN Mazda MX-6 GT

Installation time: 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on how your work. If you take a bunch of breaks or just cut to the chase and get it done.

  • If you are like me and want spare parts instead of hacking up your current wiring and all. YOU CAN ONLY USE MX-6 GT PARTS! The 1PGT ballast has FOUR wires and the igniter is also different. This just makes things a lot easier for you guys to follow the how-to.
  • Just because I mention 'crimps' does not mean they are the best method of joining two wires. Soldering is ALWAYS the best way to get a solid connection, and if done properly holds better than the wire itself. Meaning wire will break before solder.
  • I highly prefer heat shrink as black tape tends to come loose with weather conditions and its just that...tape.
  • You do not have to go out and buy more parts if you just want to use your own. I prefer having spares just in case something happens.
  • Bracket from a 1G MX6 non-turbo. The coil is located in the same area as ours.
  • Complete coil unit from a 1G MX6 turbo. Make sure the igniter says J118.
  • 18G wire
  • Two(2) loop ends to crimp onto wire
  • ROSIN solder or 18G crimps
  • Heat shrink or black tape
  • 6-pack of drinks or like me I grabbed a Redbull - optional
  • Electrical knowledge - a must
  • Or the ability to follow this How-To
  • 10mm socket
  • short extension
  • Ratchet
  • Wire snips
  • Wire crimps
  • Soldering iron - if you chose to solder
  • Heat source - if you chose the heat shrink
  • Wire strippers
Pictures of the parts:

Bracket from non-turboed MX6

J118 Igniter and spare coil

I grabbed the wiring and all JUST in case, but I never used it just the ballast

Blaster 2 coil - PN MSD-8202 @ ~$40

Always good to have a copy of this if something pops up

For CA people(and whoever else) you also get the CARB sticker included in package.

As I do not need it I trashed it

How-To also makes you not need this as sometimes it causes confusion.

Okay now that you were properly briefed and decided rather you want to tackle the install or not lets get to the actual installation.

Step 1) Disconnect negative battery cable - Safety first

Step 2) Locate your factory coil

Step 3) Using 10 mm remove the two nuts holding the coil bracket and place them somewhere safe(past experience from knocking them down the firewall, etc.)

Be sure to keep this as it comes off when you remove the top nut it helps hold the wires nice and neat

Step 4) This is what the coil 'unit' should look like after removal.

Step 5) Now cut the factory coil connector off leaving you enough room to connect two new wires.
  • Black - Positive (+)
  • Blue - Negative (-)
  1. Take your 18G wire and cut enough of it for two wires like shown.
  2. Crimp or solder the wires to the harness wires
  3. Heat shrink or black tape over connections for safety reasons

Step 6) Take the bracket out of the NA MX6 and put the Blaster 2 in there. KEEP EVERYTHING ELSE OFF. This is just for height measurement purposes. Using a sharpie or other marking method mark the coil at the correct height which you want to install it at. Remember to include enough height for the wire plug from dis. cap to the coil.

Step 7) Remove the coil and bracket together now its time to start putting everything together. Unscrew the bracket screw COMPLETELY so you have a place to put your ballast.
  1. Secure the ballast by screwing the screw back in and SECURELY tighten down the coil using the mark you previously made for a reference.
  2. There now that part is done lets get to the wiring.
  3. Run your wire to see how much you actually need and cut off the extra.
  4. Securely crimp the loop ends to each of the wires
  5. Connect black wire to the positive terminal of the coil, and connect the blue wire to the negative terminal of the coil.
  6. I zip-tied the connecter to the bracket so it was not 'floating.'
Finished result should look like this.

Step 8 ) Now just install it back into your car using the reverse method of Step 3. Remember to re-install that little piece that holds the wiring so you have a nice clean look.

Step 9) Now the igniter. Make sure you use the J118 igniter! Plug it into the correct harness connection and I just tucked mine beside the coil and it stays in place.

  • Press BRAKE pedal for 30 seconds.
  • Reconnect negative battery cable
  • Start up vehicle and DO NOT hit the gas pedal for one(1) minute.
Here is the link for the FAQ: Reset ECU - Thanks to 2Rusty.

Step 11) Make sure your car is running properly. I am not responsible for your mistakes.

Too bad they didn't offer it in black. Final result picture.

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