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well u guys know that i got in an accident like a month ago, and i was thinking about fixing the car or let it go, well i came to a conclusion of fixing it. i got a killer deal form an auto body shop.

the guy is gonna,

fix damage
take out dents
remove moldings and reinstall them after painting car
paint whole car
and spray a clear coat on it

all for 900$

but i had to bring my own parts for it, parts form yards coast me like less than 120$

hood for 23$
headlight 13$
corner light 7$
fender 30$
complete bumper 35$

im just so happy that i had to make a thread for it, the car's going in the shop next week. weeeeeeee:D

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Sweet Deal, congrats, post some before and after pics when its done if you can so we can see the how it comes out.
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