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Hi All,

I have a '94 626 ES 2.5L V-6 MTX w/100,000 Miles.
Street/Hwy use only.

Questions are:

1) Bosal (brospeed) headers + Random Tech Cat + Bosal Cat-Back.

Good Combo?? Good Sound?? Good MPG??

2) Center Force II Clutch - Good for street/Hwy use??

3) Replacing wires with Accel Thundersports and plugs with Bosch Platinum +4's.

Any opinions?

4) Just ordered O2 sensors from "" they said they carry "Walker" O2's. ANY GOOD??

5) Should I replace the water pump when I do the timing belt?

6) Addco Rear Sway Bar - Can I connect to stock end Links, or do I need to upgrade end links?

Thanks for any info!

PS - I already have all these parts..just waiting to put them in. Wanted some feedback first.


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I can't answer all of these because I haven't used all of them, but I'll answer the few that I can.

1. I would say that this would be a pretty good combo but I haven't actually seen them up close. This is just what I have heard.

2. I hate centerforce! Some like them though. I would have gone with an ACT if I were you but to each his own.

3. Our engines don't really like the plat plugs that much. You could have saved yourself some money and just stuck with NGKs for both. This has been discussed numerous times before so you can do a search if you want more info.

4. I've never heard of anyone being that choosey about O2 sensors. I think they all would work fairly well. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

5. Yes!!! Make sure you replace the timing belt. If you are doing this yourself you will see why once you get to the timing belt. At least buy one so you have it and if you decide that you wouldn't mind taking it all back apart later then you can always hold on to the water pump or take it back. I did both of mine when I had my engine out because it's such a pain.

6. Sorry don't know...
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