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Hey guys. Well im actually a chevy fan but needed something reliable and good on gas. So i was just wondering how to add some power to my car for not to much money. Any sugestons id apeciate it
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Hi and welcome ..

Well you have not stated which car you have, nor have you completed your profile.. so we are a little in the dark here buddy..

If you have a 1st gen, then the 1st gen section of the forum is going to be a good place to start reading, the same goes for the 2nd Gen and 2nd gen section.

red mx from my way fast little hp is cold air intake and exhaust not only but tip exhaust but header and all the pipping will give you little more hp for sure

that the way to sound good and win couple horse
Thanks for the advice man i found a nice filter but i cant get the cold air intake cuz there is a few things plugged into the intake hose??? I also dont have deq so im going to take off the cat and put on a glass pack
does anyone know if i can put a ford probe header on my 1991 mazdz mx6 non turbo?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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